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At Rooted Connections, we offer exciting career opportunities in sales and marketing. Join our team and embark on a journey of professional growth and development. We prioritize collaboration and mentorship, and provide a supportive environment for your success.

Why Choose a Career with Rooted Connections?

Leadership Development

We believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth. Our leadership development programs empower you to enhance your skills and advance your career within the company.

Business Management

As a sales and marketing company, we provide comprehensive training to equip you with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in your role.

Sales & Marketing Job

We work directly with Fortune 500 companies to improve brand awareness and drive results. Join our team and be part of impactful campaigns and projects.

Available Positions

Brand Ambassador

As a Brand Ambassador at Rooted Connections, you will undergo one-on-one training with a mentor who will guide you in training, development, and achieving metrics for our clients. You will receive training on marketing systems, sales techniques, networking, public speaking, and leadership development in a classroom-style environment. We are seeking ambitious, goal-oriented individuals who are dedicated to investing in their personal and professional growth.

Account Manager

In the Account Manager position, we are looking for a leader who can assist our employees in improving their skills and knowledge. Your role will involve assisting upper management in developing and conducting informative training sessions. As an Account Manager, you will also contribute to improving the company's productivity by teaching new skills and knowledge to associates. Excellent communication, organization, time management, and public speaking skills are essential for this role.

Assistant Manager

Join us as an Assistant Manager at Rooted Connections. In this role, you will be responsible for selecting and leading a team of talented individuals, ensuring adherence to company policies. You will also provide guidance and support to the Account Management team, training staff to deliver efficient client service. Additional duties include working towards weekly sales and wage targets, learning human resources practices, conducting preliminary interviews, and overseeing finances. We are looking for solution-oriented individuals who are passionate about delivering excellent results to clients and developing new employees.

Branch Manager

We are currently seeking an experienced and ambitious Branch Manager to oversee all daily office activities, conduct morning meetings, and participate in conference calls with other managers. Successful applicants should possess strong analytical and communication skills, along with the ability to adapt to a continuously changing industry landscape. Branch Managers at Rooted Connections are responsible for monitoring sales, generating sales reports, coaching and managing staff, and ensuring client satisfaction. Exceptional management and organizational skills are key to excelling in this role.

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Explore Exciting Career Opportunities at Rooted Connections

Unleash Your Potential with Marketing Jobs Louisiana
At Rooted Connections, we're not just offering jobs but crafting pathways for career opportunities that will shape your future. Our focus on marketing jobs in Louisiana is a testament to our dedication to professional development and success. With numerous career opportunities in the dynamic field of marketing, we empower you to reach new heights in your professional journey.

Sales Jobs Louisiana: Discover a World of Professional Growth

We take pride in our extensive range of sales jobs in Louisiana. These positions are tailored for ambitious individuals seeking significant career growth. Each role, from entry-level to executive, is designed to challenge, inspire, and enhance your career trajectory. With Rooted Connections, the career opportunities in sales are not just jobs but stepping stones to success.
Why Rooted Connections is the Ideal Choice for Your Career

Comprehensive Leadership Development Programs

Our leadership development programs focus on nurturing your potential and providing ample career opportunities. By joining us, you're not just getting a job; you're embarking on a journey to enhance your skills and ascend the career ladder in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

Advanced Business Management Training

Rooted Connections is a leader in providing career opportunities in marketing jobs in Louisiana. Our advanced business management training programs are specifically designed to equip you with the expertise required to excel in the competitive world of marketing and sales.

Exceptional Sales & Marketing Job Opportunities in Louisiana

Our partnerships with renowned Fortune 500 companies open doors to exceptional sales and marketing jobs in Louisiana. These career opportunities allow you to be part of groundbreaking campaigns and projects that redefine industry standards.

Our Diverse Range of Available Positions

  • Brand Ambassador: Engage directly in the exciting world of marketing with comprehensive training and mentorship. This role is perfect for those who are driven and eager to explore career opportunities in marketing.
  • Account Manager: As an Account Manager, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our team and providing career opportunities to others. This position is about leadership, growth, and contributing significantly to the success of Rooted Connections.
  • Assistant Manager: Step into a role that demands innovation and leadership. Our Assistant Managers play a crucial part in team leadership, client service, and opening up new career opportunities for themselves and others.
  • Branch Manager: Embark on a journey of leadership as a Branch Manager. Overseeing daily operations, managing dynamic teams, and driving sales are just a few of the responsibilities that come with this role. It's more than a job; it's a culmination of career opportunities waiting to be seized.
  • Marketing Jobs in Louisiana: Your Gateway to Success

    Rooted Connections is a hub for marketing jobs in Louisiana, offering a plethora of opportunities for those eager to dive into the marketing sector. Whether you're a creative strategist, a digital marketing enthusiast, or a brand development expert, our marketing jobs in Louisiana cater to a wide range of professional skills and interests. We ensure that each role is a stepping stone towards achieving your career aspirations.

  • Sales Jobs Louisiana: Where Your Ambition Meets Opportunity

    Our extensive range of sales jobs in Louisiana is specifically designed to meet the needs of ambitious individuals. These roles offer more than just job security; they offer a chance to be part of a dynamic and thriving sales environment. Whether you're interested in direct sales, account management, or business development, our sales jobs in Louisiana provide the perfect platform to showcase your talents and grow your career.

  • Nurturing Future Leaders with Marketing Jobs in Louisiana

    At Rooted Connections, we believe in investing in the future. Our marketing jobs in Louisiana are not just about work; they're about building leaders. We offer state-of-the-art training programs, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on experience in various marketing domains. This holistic approach ensures that those who embark on marketing jobs in Louisiana with us are well-equipped for leadership roles in the future.

  • Empowering Sales Professionals in Louisiana

    Empowerment is at the core of our approach to sales jobs in Louisiana. We understand that successful sales professionals need more than just product knowledge; they need confidence, resilience, and excellent communication skills. Our sales jobs in Louisiana are designed to nurture these qualities, providing a robust foundation for a thriving career in sales.

  • Build Your Career with Rooted Connections

    Rooted Connections is more than a workplace; it's a career-building platform. Whether you are drawn to marketing jobs in Louisiana or sales jobs in Louisiana, we offer an environment where your skills are valued and your career aspirations are taken seriously. With a focus on personal and professional growth, our roles are crafted to help you reach your full potential.
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Join us today and embark on a journey filled with growth, learning, and success. To explore our exciting career opportunities, please submit your cover letter and resume to


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